Enjoy the power of metadata

Easy way to add, manage and search images on your devices by tags. Export and sync image tags across all devices and even PCs.

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CT Tags key features



Add tags to a group of images

Are there a lot of images? That's not a problem! You can add tags to groups of images in your gallery at once. Any amount of data is now under your control.



Find any image on your device instantly

Use in-app search to easily find any tagged images on your device. Just start typing the tag name.



Find images by tags even on your PC

Have you copied the images to your PC? The tags will stay with them! And you won't need any apps to find the image you're looking for, just use the standard search engine in your OS.


Save your memories

Take a photo

Save an image

Take pictures and save images with your device.

Tag friends

Add relevant tags

Select images and add tags to them, so they will be easy to find.

Search photos

Find any images

Use tags you’ve added to quickly find any image in your library.


Install CT Tags and transform your gallery

Install CT Tags from Google Play and enjoy the power of metadata on all your devices! You have a great opportunity to get full control over your gallery. Everything at your fingertips!

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